T90 Pizza Opens on Groundhog Day



By Joe Hyer

   It’s been nearly two years since we first heard rumblings of new, local PIZZA coming to Tenino.  There’s been ownership changes, location changes, extensive product testing – but finally, on February 2, 2018 at NOON, Mayor Wayne Fournier (who is also part-owner) along with co-owners Tammy Schroder (also Wayne’s wife) and Juan and Pascale Martinez, officially cut the ribbon and opened the restaurant to the public.

Many will recognize Juan from his other restaurant, Don Juan’s Mexican Kitchen, now a staple in Tenino, and opening last year in West Olympia.  And while Juan did work at a pizza place for 3 years, he knew he needed some culinary expertise, so brought in Chef Francisco, whose been making pizza for many years, and helped grow La Gitana in Yelm.

T90 is located right on Sussex- in an ‘intimate’ space.  The seating area is small, as they expect a significant takeout business.  You can buy the whole pizza, or order by the slice.  With a line to the front door, it still only took 20 minutes to get a fresh hot pizza.

          And thanks to the Tenino Chamber, the ribbon cutting drew a crowd, as you can see in our photos.  And what’s an opening without a band?  The band had to head back to School after they played – but they went with boxes of pizza in hand, earning they’re gig.  Mayor of Yelm JW Foster was also on hand, and then Port Commissioner Zita showed up moments later.  Turns out the Mayor had scheduled a noon meeting, boule-booking his own grand opening- there’s dedication.  Mayor Fournier helped cut the ribbon, then dashed off to a regional policy meeting.  Go, Wayne, go.

The line to order was to the front door for a solid half-hour after the ribbon was cut.  It may have stayed much longer, but with a hot pizza in my hands, I headed home for lunch.  I picked a 16” Quarrymen- meats, mushrooms – the traditional combo out there.  I was struck by how soft the crust was – but firm enough to hold the pizza and not get limp.  The cheese was a good quality, which some places seem to forget.  Toppings were abundant- and a cut above most chain stores in quality, which is great to see.  Very tasty day one.

But how is it on DAY TWO, something I think is vital in a quality pizza.  It was Saturday, so I had a slice cold for breakfast (far better than my normal oatmeal).  Wow, one of the better cold pizzas I have had.  The cheese held together nicely, and it tasted great.  Later that afternoon, I heated slices in the oven, and they tasted 95% like the day before – I consider that outstanding in a leftover.  And leftovers ARE important when the best deal is to buy the 16 inch.  And it is true- per square inch, the 16 is more value.  Pi x radius squared, divide by price.

          So wherever you are in South Sound – it’s worth a trip to Tenino to try out T90 Pizza.  I’ll be making several return trips soon.