The Fortnightly RAVE

13 12 2017

Publisher Joe Hyer, circa 1859 – or at least dressed for 1859, at Olympia’s sesquicentannial, circa 2009

December 13, 2017

My first RAVE – to all of you.  Almost 25% of our emails were OPENED in the first issue – and we have neglected our email lists for months and months and months.  So Raves to you, readers.

   Second – many of you keep asking, ‘Why Fortnightly’ and not ‘Biweekly’?  The easy answer – a fortnight is 14 days.  Biweekly means EITHER every other week OR twice a week.  Since we didn’t want everyone waiting (with baited breath) by their inboxes twice weekly in confusion, we went with the precise term – a fortnight. 

  The more fun answer – it’s an homage to the New Hampshire Gazette, published continuously since 1756.  It’s Portsmouth’s version local printed newspaper.  I actually subscribed for many years, and had it mailed to me, because it was fun to read.  Many of the ideas and columns you see in Living Local were inspired by things I read in the Gazette.   Learn more at

  And in every issue of that paper, they feature the publisher doing the Fortnightly Rant – whatever the publisher is angry about that week, and wants to spew on.  And while I am not afraid to point out problems and rant a bit- for the focus to be so negative – it just doesn’t fit our vibe.

   Hence, the Fortnightly Rave.  Things to celebrate, and be Happy about. Or taste good.


Rave #1 – To the people of Alabama.  THANK YOU.  I shall sing your praises for weeks.  While we may still be divided, you showed that civility, decorum, compassion and empathy still do matter, and will triumph in the end.  And perhaps it is just beginning, and someday we will talk about a different ‘Crimson Tide’ that swept the nation with civility and equality.

Rave #2 – To non-profit Boardmembers everywhere.  I serve on several, and work with several more, and know firsthand how much time and commitment it takes.  Most boards are starved for good, active volunteers to serve.  So to all of you that serve on one – THANKS.  For those that serve on several, Super-Thanks.  For those of you that don’t yet serve — a new year is coming, so think about giving of yourself in service.  You also learn a great deal.  In fact, Sustainable South Sound is on the lookout for new boardmembers – if interested,contact Rachel Friedman –

Rave #3 – Local Food Systems – the City of Olympia adopting a commitment to community gardens, another successful Food Issue in Living Local, and a new Food Summit this past fall to move us into the future.  Great strides are being made to EAT local, and it shows.


Rave #4 – Many Buy Local members and Localists have gotten to know Zac  Bowen, who began as our office assistant, went on to write, do photography, manage membership and sales, and keep SSS organized.  After two and a half years, Zac is headed back to Evergeen full-time to get his Bachelor’s degree.  The good news is Zac will still be out and about, active in the local community, and may still help us out on special projects.  We wish him well, and all the RAVES we can muster.