About SSS

Sustainable South Sound (SSS) is composed of a devoted group of volunteers who are committed to improving the quality of life in the South Puget Sound region.

       A locally sustainable community in South Puget Sound.
       Leading the transformation towards a sustainable community through education,  advocacy, action and celebration.
  • Foster a prosperous, equitable, resilient local economy through the Buy Local Program.
  • Promote a local food system that is locally just and ensures resources are maintained for future generations.
  • Strengthen civic and community life through the Localist program.

Members, known as localists, include those interested in discussing the challenging questions facing our community:

How can we share prosperity in the 21st century?
How much growth is sustainable – are there options?
How will we measure sustainability?
How can we address global warming at the community level?
How can we promote social justice? How can we protect and support our local farmers?
How can we educate the community on systems thinking?
How can we create safe living and learning environments for our children?

We believe it is time for the Precautionary Principle to govern our decisions. Those who choose to use chemicals in manufacturing processes, lawn treatments, and agricultural applications among others, must first look for healthier alternatives or second, justify the use of the toxic material to the local community. People who want to develop land need to prove to the community that their actions will improve the community as a whole.

Our board and membership are diverse and are comprised of students, business men and women, artists, physicians, teachers, farmers, scientists, and parents who share the common vision of working toward a better future for our families and future generations. All members of the community are welcome to join SSS. We welcome, honor, and cherish diversity.


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