Next Week Is OPENING WEEK, Olympia

7 08 2018

Next week will be OPENING week in Olympia, as both Harlequin Productions and Broadway Olympia will be opening new shows.


From Harlequin comes RUTHLESS!, the stagemother of all musicals – a wild and fun escape from reality that is sure to bedazzle.  Veteran Director Aaron Lamb is not only directing, you’ll also see him on piano.  Opening night is Thursday, August 16th, 8:00 pm, with additional shows Friday through Sunday and weekly through September 15th. Visit for times and tickets. 


From Broadway Olympia, and for one weekend ONLY, Legally Blonde takes the stage at the Capitol Theater.  They ALSO open Thursday night the 16th – hence it’s OPENING WEEK yous see – with shows through Sunday.  Visit for all the details.


And remember – opening week won’t strike again until October – When Harlequin opens Dry Powder  and Downtown Olympia hosts ArtsWalk to celebrate the same weekend!