Hype & Spin – Investigating this Truckload Meat Sale

20 03 2018

by Joe Hyer

One time, I got 200 people to line up for a Summer clearance sale at my store by offering free socks.  One time, I had an alpaca petting zoo in front of my store to promote Alpaca yarn products.  I never became as cool as Les Schwab and their FREE BEEF sale – but I considered myself a spinmaster, able to market and promote most anything.

And sometimes the marketing seems to good to be true.  More important, the longer they hype it, the less exciting it usually is.  Recently I got an email from Ralph’s Thriftway, a long time Sustainable South Sound supporter, about an upcoming – Truckload Meat Sale.  Oh, my. Of course, there were no prices on the flyer.  But then this week – another flyer, prices filled in.  The question I have- can a meat sale at a grocery store, even a local one, live up to its hype?

More important, can this author make the technology work to report on whether this sale lives up to its hype, live on Facebook Friday morning (Buy Local South Sound Group)?  We’re making this into a 3 part digital Localist Experience.  First, read about the HYPE around this event right here and now.

Next, see if I can report LIVE from the epic event itself, 9:00 am Friday morning.

Finally, read the next issue of the Localist on April 7th to find out what we thought of the sale, if it lived up to its hype, and how the meat was, because we will have eaten some then.

Exciting, isn’t it?