Coupon Book Shelved for 2018

9 01 2018

Technology and New Projects Combined to bring the inevitable – Change.

Several years ago, Sustainable Connections in Bellingham, one of the leading ‘Buy Local’ programs around the country, announced it was going to ‘take some time off’ from its annual coupon book to focus on other projects.  We scoffed and relished in the strength of our book, and the solidarity of our community.

Then comes the inevitable rise in printing costs.  As well as a radical re-thinking of marketing budgets in every industry.  And a lot of small businesses not surviving the recession.  Suddenly, the cost of producing the coupon book is 30% MORE than you are collecting in fees from participating businesses.  And 30% of the people who used to buy the book just don’t seem to any more.  Suddenly, the folks in Bellingham seem like prophets.

And we had one further factor they didn’t.  Our new project, Living Local, offers an advertising avenue for businesses who don’t do coupons.  And even for coupons- Living Local has full color, and ten times the number of coupons at the same price.  We kind of took our own thunder.

So wisely the board of directors opted to shelve the book for 2018, and evaluate other projects and products to promote and support Localism.  You’ll be hearing about and seeing those in the coming months.