Looking to 2017 – New Coupon Book, New Programs…

26 09 2016

Wow, what happened to 2016?  Seems like just last month, it was March and we were in the final stages of planning the FOOD issue of Living Local.  Since then, we’ve published 2 more issues, Sold a lot more coupon books, tabled at many events – and now we are renewing current members, and seeking out new ones.

That’s how you can help – filling up the 2017 coupon book.  We want to know who is NOT in the book, but should be!  If you have ideas on businesses that SHOULD be in our annual coupon book, do two things: email Sustainss@gmail.com with the business info, and your info.  Go into the business, and mention us, and why you think they will join. Our staff will follow up, and recruit them.  If they join- you just got yourself a FREE 2017 coupon book.

Or Buy yours starting November 25, 2016….